Mad Churchill


Mad ChurchillArtist Phil Disley has been awarded a silver Medal from the Association of Illustrators for his drawing 'Mad Churchill' ! The image was commissioned as a cover for The Guardian.The drawing will be showcased in Images 32 annual and will be exhibited at the London Collage of Printing in July/ August 08. The exhibition will then be hung at various other venues across the country and Europe for a year.


Phil Disley Images 32 Biography

It all started for me when I was about five. One of my earliest and most embarrassing memories is that of hawking around a plastercine Lone Ranger and Silver to the Headmaster and numerous classes in my infant school. 

In a bizare way I must have enjoyed that cringed feeling and still do to this day when people recognise and comment on my drawings.

I meandered through secondry school as a pretty average pupil with school reports littered with "could do better"!

A Diploma in Foundation of Art followed and I went on to obtain a place at Newcastle studying Graphics.

I knew early on I wanted to pursue Illustration and was fortunate to have Terry Dowling as the course lead. Newcastle was great and the course had some fantastic guest lecturers including Steven Appleby, Bush Hollyhead and George Hardie who really opened my eyes.

I completed the course with the obligitory Desmond 2:2 which I believe means I'd enjoyed myself. I had a mish-mash of a folio which contained, quote "some interesting stuff"!

My first commission was for 'The Big Issue' in 1993.  The illustration was noticed by the Creative Director of the 'Evening Standard' and my career began.  For the next three years I was a regular contributor to the 'Standard' and since then I have been lucky enough to work for some of the most prestegeous titles both here and in America.



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