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The work of internationally acclaimed illustrator Phil Disley is being exhibited at a private view on Tuesday 24th at Parr Street Studios.

The Exhibition will be opened by the Marketing Director for the 08 Culture Company Kris Donaldson from 6-8pm  and will run for a month.   Phil has lived on Merseyside for 20 years is regarded as one of Britain's leading newspaper and magazine illustrators. His work has been seen in, amongst other titles, The Times, The Guardian, The Spectator, The Financial Times, The London Evening Standard, Esquire and GQ. Phil has been freelancing as an artist and illustrator since 1993.   The exhibition will include some previously unseen work as well as some of the many magazine covers Phil has illustrated. There will be the opportunity to buy some limited edition prints as well as original work.  Phil's work has received praise from many sources:

"Phil is one of the most talented artists working in British print media today. His cover drawings for me since I became Editor of The Spectator have been consistently brilliant and have managed to combine impact with intellect, the hardest task for a magazine artist. I hugely admire him!"   

Mattew d'Ancona Editor, The Spectator  

"With his wicked, witty and deliciously funny caracatures, Phil Disley lays bare the unseemly underbelly of modern society. He truly is the Ralph Steadman of his generation."  

Gillian de Bono Editor, How to Spend it Associate Editor, Financial Times 

"Often a drawing is worth more than words. Phil's audacious illustrations transcend language differences; he enlivens pages, creates humour and drama, and brings situations and characters to life. His vision appeals to readers' hearts and minds. "  

Pearl Bevan, Design Project Manager, Oxford University Press  

"I work with several contributors on a regular basis but my collaboration with Phil is always the highlight of my month. He's quick to grasp ideas, very creative and always adds something to the piece that I haven't thought of. His work has a very polished standard that makes our whole publication look professional and I intend for him to be a regular on our back page, a very prominent position within the magazine, for some time to come."
Chris Barker Art Director, Classic FM  

"Phil's caricatures tell you more about their subjects than a photograph ever could, they are revealing and often tinged with humour. His illustrations are minor graphic masterpieces of compression, He somehow manages to communicate complex concepts in drawings that look deceptively simple."   

Roger Browning  Head of Design  The Guardian Newspaper


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