British Cartoon Archive


Mr Disley is proud to announce his inclusion to the British Cartoon Archive.

The British Cartoon Archive, previously known as the Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature, was established in 1973, as a research centre and picture library, based upon a unique archive of over 140,000 pieces of cartoon artwork supported by a reference library of newspaper cuttings, books, catalogues and magazines. The Archive is widely used by researchers, authors, teachers, the media and students

Mission Statement

The British Cartoon Archive, at the University of Kent at Canterbury, exists to encourage and facilitate the study of cartoons and caricatures published in the United Kingdom. This is achieved by collecting, preserving, cataloguing, exhibiting, and distributing the work of cartoonists and caricaturists, and by encouraging and publishing studies of their art.

Research facilities

Facilities for research include a unique computer database containing details of the main cartoon collections held in the archive which can be searched online. Cartoons can be found under any of the cataloguing terms used (eg cartoonist, publication, date, name or subject). The computer displays the cartoon's image and the cataloguing details. For publication purposes, digital images with supporting copyright details can be ordered through the feedback section.


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